Definition of Objective:

  1. A purpose that has a purpose or a purpose.

  2. A matter of purpose.

  3. Neutral (indecisive), based on verifiable evidence or facts rather than relatives or attitudes, beliefs or opinions. In contrast to the subject.

    More details can be found at howtodiscuss.com.

  4. Specific results that a person or system wants to achieve within a specified period of time and with available resources.

    In general, goals are more specific and easier to measure than goals. Goals are the basic tools that support all strategic and planning activities. They serve as a basis for policy development and performance testing. Some examples of business goals include minimizing costs, expanding internationally, or making a profit.

  5. Not affected by personal feelings or opinions (when examining and presenting facts).

  6. Binoculars or microscope lenses close to the object to be observed.

  7. A reference is a label or a matter of nouns and pronouns used for the purpose of a verb or a noun.

Synonyms of Objective

Arctic, Aim, Frosty, Just, Unbigoted, Unfeeling, Convex lens, Duty, Open-handed, Soulless, Condenser, Conatus, Velleity, Camera, Dispassionate, Whatnot, Objective prism, Prey, Dull, Impartial, Frosted, Curio, Aim, Pleasure, ■■■■, Cold-blooded, Cold as charity, Conation, Will, Inclination, Mark, Bibelot, Design, Unprejudiced, Goal, Inexcitable, Trinket, Impartial, Function, Coated lens, Out of touch, Non-discriminatory, Prism, Unaffectionate, Unprepossessed, By-purpose, Magnifier, Free will, Destination, Appetency, Object, Hope, Undazzled, Target, Wish, Sensible, Foreign, Determination, Open-minded, Ultimate aim, Intention, Even-handed, Phenomenal, Reading glass, Burning glass, Glass, Toric lens, Corporeal, Desire, Heartless, Uninvolved, Passion, Purpose, Gimcrack, Self-absorbed, Teleology, Hand lens, Target, Substantial, Fair, Unswayed, Mind, Telephoto lens, Unresponsive, Fair-minded, Unresponding, Intent, Quintain, Meniscus, Autistic, Eyeglass, Impassible, Fair, Unsusceptible, Ocular, Obtuse, Neutral, Equitable, Insusceptible, Impersonal, Object, Intent, Extrinsic, Unprejudiced, ■■■■, Nonemotional, Pursuit, Frozen, Holy grail, Unimpressionable, Dispassionate, Indifferent, Disposition, Object glass, Concave lens, Liking, Cool, Game, Unemotional, Reason for being, Unimpassioned, Use, Outward, Magnifying glass, Coldhearted, By-end, Astigmatic lens, Chill, Material, Frigid, Uncolored, Will power, Unbiased, Aspiration, Anesthetized, Chilly, Zoom lens, Physical, Impassive, Outer, Impersonal, Final cause, Gewgaw, Tangible, Novelty, Bauble, Choice, Appetite, Cold, Detached, Object in mind, Detached, Extraorganismal, External, End, Unjaundiced, Volition, Emotionless, End in view, Uninfluenced, Unloving, Animus, Disinterested, Affectless, Unemotional, Unbiased, Unpassionate, Resolution, Decision, Gross, Clinical, Immovable, Emotionally ■■■■, Grail, Outside, Outlying, Fancy, Quarry, End, Open-minded, Icy, Ambition, Eyepiece, Free choice, Catatonic, Achromatic lens, Nonsubjective, Disinterested, Equitable, Reader, Passionless, Spiritless, Evenhanded, Extraneous, Concavo-convex lens, Neutral, Discretion, Non-partisan, Appetence, Goal, Sexual desire, Command, Purpose, Just, End in view, Lens, Untouchable, Intention, Judicious, Varifocal lens, Drugged, Unsympathetic, Blunt

How to use Objective in a sentence?

  1. Rico's teacher tells him that he is disappointed with the article and that Rico does not fully understand the purpose of his mission.
  2. The system has achieved its goal.
  3. The root is named after the root, joining n after destination n.
  4. Despite extensive media coverage, the potential Juris was asked if he could realize the purpose.
  5. Historians try to be objective and neutral.
  6. Check with a strong lens.
  7. An important goal of personal financial planning is to ensure that unnecessary expenses are eliminated and that necessary expenses are met in a timely manner so that there are no late fees or other penalties.

Meaning of Objective & Objective Definition

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The result that a company or person wants to achieve.

The desired result, which must be achieved within the specified period, is usually broader than the goal, the goal can be divided into several more specific goals, there are organizational and marketing goals.

In the context of social media marketing, goals are the objectives of any initiative or campaign, paid or free. For example, the goal of a paid advertising campaign on Facebook could be awareness or conversion, and the campaign strategy for each objective would be very different.