Definition of Object:

  1. Accounting: Purchased good or service itself as distinct from the purpose for which it was bought.

  2. Say something to express ones disapproval of or disagreement with something.

  3. A person or thing to which a specified action or feeling is directed.

  4. A noun or noun phrase governed by an active transitive verb or by a preposition.

  5. Programming: Self-contained software component that includes both data (properties) and code (actions), and can be reused as a module in creating different programs.

  6. Modeling: Representation of the real world situation that can be modeled according to the requirements of the modeling architecture.

  7. A material thing that can be seen and touched.

  8. A data construct that provides a description of something that may be used by a computer (such as a processor, a peripheral, a document, or a data set) and defines its status, its method of operation, and how it interacts with other objects.

Synonyms of Object

IC analysis, Affair, Agree to disagree, Aim, An existence, Appositive, Article, Artifact, Attribute, Attributive, Balk, Ban, Be against, Be at cross-purposes, Beef, Being, ■■■■■, Blackball, Body, Boggle, Boycott, Break, Break off, Bulk, ■■■■, By-end, By-purpose, Call in question, Categorically reject, Challenge, Clash, Collide, Complain, Complain loudly, Complement, Conflict, Confront, Construction modifier, Contend with, Contradict, Counter, Creature, Criticize, Critter, Cry out against, Cutting, Deep structure, Demonstrate, Demonstrate against, Demur, Deprecate, Design, Destination, Differ, Dingus, Direct object, Disaccord, Disagree, Disallow, Disapprove, Disapprove of, Discommend, Disfavor, Dispute, Dissent, Dissent from, Dofunny, Dohickey, Dojigger, Dojiggy, Domajig, Domajigger, Doodad, Dowhacky, Duty, End, End in view, Entelechy, Enter a protest, Entity, Eppes, Etwas, Except, Exclude, Expostulate, Face down, Face out, Face up to, Fact, Filler, Final cause, Flumadiddle, Focus, Form-function unit, Front, Frown, Frown at, Frown down, Frown upon, Function, Gadget, Game, Gigamaree, Gimmick, Gizmo, Goal, Grimace at, Hickey, Holler, Hootenanny, Hootmalalie, Howl, Idea, Immediate constituent analysis, Indirect object, Individual, Intent, Intention, Interfere with, Inveigh against, Item, Jangle, Jar, Jib, ■■■■■■, Jostle, Kick, Kick against, Levels, Life, Look askance at, Look black upon, Make a stand, March, Mark, Mass, Material, Material thing, Matter, Meet head-on, Mismatch, Mismate, Modifier, Monad, Negate, Not approve, Not go for, Not hear of, Not hold with, Object in mind, Object to, Objective, Offer resistance, Oppose, Organism, Ostracize, Person, Persona, Personality, Phenomenon, Phrase structure, Picket, Plan, Predicate, Press objections, Prey, Protest, Protest against, Purpose, Pursuit, Qualifier, Quarry, Quelque chose, Quintain, Rail, Raise a howl, Rally, Ranks, Rant, Rave, Reality, Reason, Reason for being, Recalcitrate, Refuse, Reject, Reluct, Remonstrate, Revolt, Say no to, Scruple, Shallow structure, Show fight, Sit in, Slot, Slot and filler, Something, Soul, Spurn, Squawk, Stand, Stand at bay, Stand up against, Stand up to, State a grievance, Stickle, Storm, Strata, Strike, Strive against, Structure, Stuff, Subject, Substance, Surface structure, Syntactic analysis, Syntactic structure, Syntactics, Syntax, Tagmeme, Take exception to, Tangible, Target, Teach in, Teleology, Thing, Thingum, Thingumabob, Thingumadad, Thingumadoodle, Thingumajig, Thingumajigger, Thingumaree, Thingummy, Think ill of, Think little of, Thumb down, Ultimate aim, Underlying structure, Unit, Use, Vary, View with disfavor, Volume, Whatchy, Widget, Withstand, Word arrangement, Word order, Yell ■■■■■■ murder, Thing, Article, Item, Piece, Device, Gadget, Entity, Body, Target, ■■■■, Focus, Recipient, Victim, Protest, Protest against, Lodge a protest, Lodge a protest against, Express objections, Raise objections, Express objections to, Raise objections to, Express disapproval, Express disapproval of, Express disagreement, Express disagreement with, Oppose, Be in opposition, Be in opposition to, Take exception, Take exception to, Take issue, Take issue with, Take a stand against, Have a problem, Have a problem with, Argue, Argue against, Remonstrate, Remonstrate against, Make a fuss, Make a fuss about, Quarrel with, Disapprove, Disapprove of, Condemn, Draw the line, Draw the line at, Demur, Mind, Complain, Complain about, Moan, Moan about, Grumble, Grumble about, Grouse, Grouse about, Cavil, Cavil at, Quibble, Quibble about

How to use Object in a sentence?

  1. Disease became the object of investigation.
  2. He was dragging a large object.
  3. Residents object to the volume of traffic.

Meaning of Object & Object Definition

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How Do You Define Object?

Boiler and Machinery Insurance (BM) for equipment or machinery BM insurance covers accidental loss or damage (such as damage or ■■■■■■■■■) of insured items.

Meanings of Object

  1. Say something to show your disagreement or disagreement with something.

  2. Something you can see and touch.

  3. A person or thing for which certain actions or feelings are directed.

  4. A noun or a rule of a noun that is dominated by a verb or a verb.

  5. Constructing a data that provides an explanation of something that a computer can use (such as a processor, device, document, or dataset) and its state, how it works, and other things How to deal with

Sentences of Object

  1. Residents refused access

  2. I pull a big thing

  3. The disease has been the subject of investigation.

Synonyms of Object

fact , body , something , thingamajig , article , item , substance , bulk , matter , doodad , mass , widget , volume , doohickey , gizmo , phenomenon , commodity , gadget , whatchamacallit , reality , entity


Object: What is the Meaning of Object?

Object means, Boiler and Machinery Insurance (BM) for equipment or materials. Apply BM coverage against accidental loss or damage (e.g. loss or damage) to the insured property.

Meanings of Object

  1. Some content that you can see and touch.

  2. Anything or something that leads to certain actions or emotions.

  3. A noun or noun phrase dominated by an active transitive verb or prefix.

  4. A data constructor that describes everything the computer knows (such as a processor or piece of code) and explains how it works.

  5. Say something to show disagreement or disagreement.

Sentences of Object

  1. The disease has been the subject of research.

  2. The word order in Gaelic is verb, subject, object.

  3. The UI treats most elements, including cells, graphics and buttons, as objects.

  4. Residents refuse transit.

Synonyms of Object

doojigger, doobry, make a fuss (about), kick up a fuss/stink (about), take exception (to), thingamabob, take issue (with), raise/express objections (to), remonstrate (against), argue (against), be in opposition (to), have a problem (with), quibble (about), grouse (about), thingy, express disagreement (with), thingo, whatsit, lodge a protest (against), grumble (about), express disapproval (of), kvetch (about), gubbins, gripe (about), beg to differ, draw the line (at), what-d'you-call-it, disapprove (of)


What is The Definition of Object?

Meaning of Object: Boiler and Machinery Insurance (BM) for equipment or materials. Apply BM coverage to accidental loss or damage (e.g. loss or damage) to insured property.

Meanings of Object

  1. A person or thing to which certain actions or feelings are directed.

  2. A noun or noun phrase dominated by an active transitive verb or source.

  3. A data constructor that describes everything a computer knows (such as a processor or piece of code) and how it works.

  4. Say something to express disagreement or disagreement.

Sentences of Object

  1. Citizens refuse transportation.

Synonyms of Object

doodah, moan (about), cavil (at), beef (about), complain (about)