Object Late Binding

Object Late Binding

Runtime object binding is the interpretation of messages at runtime. When late binding is used, objects are injected at runtime instead of compiling the object inline. This greatly improves flexibility.

Literal Meanings of Object Late Binding


Meanings of Object:
  1. (Grammar) A noun that is the internal object of a verb phrase or prepositional phrase. In a verb phrase with a transitive action verb, he is usually the recipient of the action.


Meanings of Late:
  1. A shift (scheduled work time) that occurs late in the day or at night.

  2. At the end of the .

  3. To be exact, towards the end of the day.

  4. (usually inconsistent) Associated with the end of a .

  5. Do not come before the agreed time.

  6. No expected menstrual cycle.

  7. Death, Death: Used, especially when dealing with the deeds of people who have in life. (Often used with usage notes.).

  8. You were or were recently in position, but you are not now retiring or leaving your position.

  9. Recent: As for the name, it is changing.

  10. About a star or class of stars that is cooler than the Sun.

  11. A certain amount of time has passed after the deadline.

  12. In the past mainly in the context of service in a military unit.

Sentences of Late
  1. It was already late at night when we finally arrived.

  2. It was late and I was tired.

  3. Late Latin is less variable than Classical Latin.

  4. Although we drove as fast as possible, we were still too late.

  5. I'm late, honey. Could you buy a test?.

  6. Her late husband took very good care of her.

  7. Mail administration.

  8. We drove as fast as we could, but we were still too late.

  9. Colonel Easterwood, who was in action with the 34th Carbine Regiment, was a guest at the dinner.


Meanings of Binding:
  1. Secure it with a ligature.

  2. Stick together or stick in a dough.

  3. From movement or from ordinary or natural influences, such as for example. B. limited by friction.

  4. Exercising a restraining or deterrent influence.

  5. To tie or tie with cord, ribbon, tie, chain, etc.

  6. Restriction, restriction or limitation by physical force or influence of any kind.

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  15. Gathered in a blanket, like books.

  16. Connect two or more elements together.

  17. Associate an ID with a value to map a variable name, method name, etc. to the contents of a memory location.

  18. Complain about something.

  19. An object (usually string, ribbon, or twine) used to join two or more objects.

  20. The spine of a book that holds the pages together.

  21. Finishing a seam or edge of a garment.

  22. The association of a named element with a program element.

  23. The interface of a library to a programming language other than the one in which it is written.

  24. The effect or result of the union of two or more molecules.

  25. (agreement, contract, etc.) Establish conditions or requirements that must be met.

  26. (from food) It works against diarrhea.

Sentences of Binding
  1. Just to make the cheese more authentic.

  2. I would like to know why the sewing machine gets stuck after a while.

  3. These are the bonds that bind.

  4. Tie the grain into bundles to bind the prisoner.

  5. The frost binds the earth.

  6. Bond of conscience - bond of kindness - bond of affection - commerce unites nations.

  7. Link the student to the service.

  8. Tie a belt around one to apply a compress to the wound.

  9. Dress the wound.

  10. Some drugs bind to the gut.

  11. The three novels were related.

  12. A Python binding is created automatically.

  13. This contract is a legally binding agreement.

  14. Bananas and white bread are sometimes considered restrictive.

Synonyms of Binding

tie, fasten, restrain, make fast, dress, indenture, fetter, restrict, bandage, obligate

Object Late Binding