Object-based Coding Application

Object-based Coding Application

An application that uses the object-oriented programming paradigm to represent the attributes and actions of a real object. An example is the use of Lego Mindstorms to provide instructions for determining the movement of a robot.

Literal Meanings of Object-based Coding Application


Meanings of Object:
  1. (Grammar) A noun that is the internal object of a verb phrase or prepositional phrase. In a verb phrase with a transitive action verb, he is usually the recipient of the action.


Meanings of Based:
  1. Give as a basis or starting point to lay the foundation of this.

  2. Search (in a specific place).

  3. (Acrobatics, Cheerleaders) Act as a base to be the person supporting the flyer.

  4. Assuming a base that is widely used to combine shapes.

  5. (about a person) Regardless of what other people think about their personality, style or behavior in order to maintain their individuality.

  6. (4chan, Reddit, Instagram) Praise and admiration, he often exudes independence and confidence.

Sentences of Based
  1. It was a well-founded argument.

  2. Red base and pilling.


Meanings of Coding:
  1. Write programs.

  2. Add codes to the entry.

  3. For categorization by assigning schedule IDs, e.g. B. CPT Coding for Health Insurance Purposes.

  4. Coding.

  5. For protein coding.

  6. To call the hospital emergency number.

  7. From a patient who has experienced a sudden medical emergency (one blue code), such as cardiac arrest.

  8. The encryption or decryption process.

  9. The process of writing computer code.

  10. Coding.

  11. A fast and discreet way to pass important medical information between caregivers and first responders.

  12. Alternative therapy for the treatment of addiction where the patient is convinced (by hypnosis, placebo, etc.) that the substance will harm or him if he uses it again.

Sentences of Coding
  1. I learned to program on my first personal computer in the 1980s.

  2. We need to encrypt the messages we send to Usenet.

  3. Coding on a tomograph.

  4. I spent all night programming and in the morning the program was ready.


Meanings of Application:
  1. The act of applying or applying in the true sense of the word.

  2. Fabric used.

  3. The act of applying as a means of using means to an end.

  4. The act of directing or pointing to a particular case, finding or illustrating agreement or disagreement, ease or convenience.

  5. A computer program or set of programs perceived by the end user as a whole as a resource for a specified purpose. (Also called: application software application).

  6. or written request for help, employment or admission to a school, course, etc.

  7. (Bureaucracy) Request, plea or other request with a supplement denoting the object.

  8. The act of asking, demanding, or requesting something.

  9. A narrow thought of diligence or attention.

  10. A kind of craft application.

  11. Agreement.

Sentences of Application
  1. Applying this cream should reduce the swelling.

  2. I'll make a comment and let you apply.

  3. This iPhone app can connect to most social networks.

  4. December 31 is the deadline for applying for an MBA degree.

  5. His request to adjourn the hearing was granted.

Object-based Coding Application