Obelisk Consensus Algorithm

Obelisk Consensus Algorithm,

Obelisk Consensus Algorithm Meanings:

  • Obelisk is a consolidated algorithm aimed at eliminating flaws in the Proof Proof of Work (POW) and Proof of Stack (POS) algorithms and blockchain status in distributed networks with minimal computing power. Helps to maintain and no need to participate. . This reduces the need for mining, dramatically increases transaction speed, and provides greater security.

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Meanings of Obelisk:
  1. Stone columns, usually with square or rectangular cross sections and pyramid ends, are erected as monuments or symbols.

  2. Another term for obelis

Sentences of Obelisk
  1. On a hill in Oakwood Cemetery, Troy, New York, is a large obelisk, a monument to the important life.

Synonyms of Obelisk

monument, shaft, needle, monolith, memorial, column, pillar


Meanings of Consensus:
  1. A general agreement.

Sentences of Consensus
  1. Consensus position

Synonyms of Consensus

accord, oneness, concord, agreement, unanimity, unison, concurrence, unity, solidarity, common consent, like-mindedness, consent, harmony, concert


Meanings of Algorithm:
  1. A set of actions or rules when performing calculations or other troubleshooting tasks, especially by computer

Sentences of Algorithm
  1. Basic distribution algorithm