O Que Escrever No Email Para Enviar Curriculo

O Que Escrever No Email Para Enviar Curriculo

Or what to write instead of Corpo's email to send a resume? ۔

I want to know or how to send a message I want to receive a resume by email, I know how to send it personally. Perhaps an example of what to write is corporate email.

Good night.


Mr. Moro, birthday.

Follow the attached program, such as adjust.

Now, I want to thank you for your attention.

At, John.

It helps.

In general, emails are received from people who agree not to do harm in the following ways, for example:

Good and

Appropriate my resume attachment.

Thank you for your attention.


Name only

Last example:

Well, Cynthia.

Sending resumes to destroy the Colorado group and create opportunities, according to a public notice.

Experience in the desired area.

Out of thanks


Name only


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To type:

A post:

Follow my attachment or resume for any ...

with care

Rhythm wool.

O Que Escrever No Email Para Enviar Curriculo