O Que E Nire

O Que E Nire

What is the difference between NIRE and state enrollment?

Register with CNPJ © or Federal Revenue

Nairi; Reg Registry and Commercial Council

Now you are sure not about the state and definitely about the cadastral of the license.

There was no cadastre before the MEI was launched, nor is there any business portal that needs to find a counter to legalize the MEI before it is canceled.

Blue کمپنی میں or Identification Number £ £ or Registration of Company in Commercial Office. In search of NIRE, query the database to get the NIRE of a particular company.


The NIRE number is required in the application file, certificate and photocopy.

Where did you get it

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No cell, state or state registration (IE); tax or tax registration, without ICMS registration, is not placed in the state receipt. Registration or formal registration with the ICMS taxpayer or your company, with the State Revenue Service of the state, which includes it. Nest status (?), Or registration the © such as filling out the FC registration form of the application. This file must be completed each time, or contribute to a change or entry. In other states, the token for state registration may have different names, for example, B-Old, called DUKE Doento ánico de Cadastro.

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The state goes to the state ????

O Que E Nire