O Que é Uma Estrofe

O Que é Uma Estrofe

Or which verse and / or which temple?

Verse text text A type of text or poetry.

Divide the verse from each other.

Type 4 is the first stop of the line. 4 per first, silk can be 4, but unlike any other, a line

On the back - the Pewata line. A mesra, Â © or a series

For example :

I had a lack of peace, you are a beautiful moment from the first verse.

And my life went beyond two poems.

Cut me to one beat or heart or third verse. Lack of quantity makes my pain worse. Central Office

This temple is Oma, which is called Quadra, because see point 4.


2 disc or pair bugs.

3 to 3 of the same type.

Worm 4 square.

5 quintile or insect quintile.

6 Tile or roof worms.

Insects 7 Septena, Setilha or Heptetus

8 active bugs

9 See Miss Nova.

One tenth of insects.

A poem has its own graphic form:

Each line  © one verse.

Watch them grouped in straps.

Each STROPHE worm can be different.

O Que é Uma Estrofe

O Que é Uma Estrofe

Poetry - All the lines that consume poetry.

Ika has many poems, without basic features, ie poetry, meter or even rhythm, quanta poetry, colorful poetry. However, we need to create a technique for classic hair.

Astrophysics is a group of verbs that share poetry. An example:

Love is given for free,

Sown in the air,

In hunting, without an eclipse.

I like the fog for the dictionary.

And different laws

I love you because i love you

Before or after me

Because love is exchanged.

It is not with love

Because love one loves one,

Happy and strong if they are the same.

(Demand's poem, 2 lines of love seminars.

Verse: Word or command words are subject to a certain size and rhythm and writing that do not occupy a single line of composition poetry.

Strophe: A group of insects for poetry or ton composition.

On the contrary, every few lines of poetry become a locking unit of poetry.

Poetry: The first part of old age.

(Ode: In ancient Greek, in composition or stanzas intended to be sung)

A line of a text, a paragraph of a text.

Instead: One line for forum topics.

Stenza: A series of concepts or spells, a series of words for different line forums.


Suffering always smiles (back)

for give me

Those who protect (or the full text,

Verse: Every line of the poem. You will see some impressions of correspondence such as poetic characters or nm: monossÃÂl, dissÃÂl, trissÃÂl, tetrÃÂl, pentÃÂl or redndilha minor, hexà© l, heptÃÂÂà ÂI

Paragraph: Grouping ver. You can classify the years to see: monastic, dusty, triangular, square or quad, quintile, tenth, septile, active, miss, tithe.

Mailer in particular helped respond.

O Que é Uma Estrofe