O Que é Semolina

O Que é Semolina

Or which semolina?

Growing up, hello!

A semolina is a subdivision of wheat, which is further processed and crushed to make flour, according to different types of wheat flour (excessive remission).

Sorghum or semolina is a flour that has a high potential for diastase (ie a compound that contains alpha amylase group enzymes, with starch, which acts as a container or does not increase it). The enzymes (given to us by Aziya) provide the flour flour and direct your direct volume to the normal breads and paste in your color - that is, contribute to the semolina, so bread A, as More common, more tasty and leaves, there are different types of wheat flour (consisting of tea that has been affected by irrigation), where the bread turns black and is harder and harder to digest.

Or the ratio of many bakeries or a mixture of 2 to 5, such as type I and II flour for cheaper or bread price. If you say you have seen Meulo Accentedado, you can act as a Portuguese as if you have been deceived by a man.

When you look at a yellow pouzin, smooth (without bromate), soft, crunchy, sweet-scented nicotine pieces, it contains 15% semolina type I wheat flour.

Currently, there is a project in CàBundeswelle or Finger (and the President's Chamber) Aldo Rebelo wants to change the law, which includes cassava flour pà ees us.

Bramble, or cassava bread is a north and northeast, but I guarantee it will spoil our French poisons.


Wheat flour has a sharp granulometry in semolina and is similar to ordinary and special wheat flour.

Simula or Simula  © or any result does not allow grinding an incomplete grain. It has a thick texture, but it is usually flour, obtained by grinding hard grains that are part of wheat, a thousand or two rice.

Some charities are rich only in ferric and folic acid.

Oatmeal contains cholesterol around foods and therefore either helps maintain cholesterol levels, meaning it is better for the circulatory system than the heart.

Mustard syrup contains purines, foods that can be a nuisance for those with high levels of uric acid. Therefore, eat foods that are low in purines, such as wheat bran, to help prevent gout attacks in infected people.

Due to the problem of low sodium levels, wheat bran brings benefits for people suffering from high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

The benefits spring. Wheat

Or a high theory of vitamin K in this food or wheat bran helps in proper blood clotting. This feed is also useful for bone metal.

Wheat Nutrition Tables Information Information.

Below is a table that summarizes the important nutrients of wheat bran and lists the tables that describe the nutritional properties of wheat semolina. It contains the primary, as a part of it.

Calories Calories 351.

1.05 grams of fat

Cholesterol 0 mg

Sodium contains 1 mg.

69 grams of carbohydrates.

7.20 grams of fi

Therapeutic action 0.32 g.

12.68 grams of protein

Vitamin A 0 mg Vitamin C 0 mg

Vitamin B12 0 g Calcium 17 mg

Iron 1.23 mg Vitamin B3 5.99 mg

Important nutrition





amino acid


The amount of nutrients indicated in the table above is equivalent to 100 grams of feed.

Flour again, whether wheat, millet or rice.

O Que é Semolina