O Que é Namorar

O Que é Namorar

Or what to love? 3

Dating, meet; meet someone else, choose or Carrero with whom life will last till ■■■■■, and time for unacceptable progress. It all happens through a full-fledged dialogue between the two DOS, each of which reveals itself to the other, exchanges its experiences and inner wealth, and I, Communia, build every mutual change. I do, or it will continue after marriage. Either dating was discovered above all or by two people capable of thinking, thinking, singing, dreaming, smiling and believing. Or dynamic dating as people's own lives. Lots of freedom with Desi Parafala, the reason for so much spoilage in the dating bottle. Things that used to happen with the generation or were unimaginable have already become part of the youth, for example, laughing without parents in the same house, etc. On the other hand, I know that this freedom or as long as maturity can facilitate two young lovers, no or no one can deny.


A relationship with another person or an influential, monogamous, where the two try to live together in moments of laziness.

Dating - living in the clouds, being active in how to see and others.

If we weren't in love we would be children again,

I stop talking about you and feel it.

Delicious caloric acid in the heart

Dating is the spirit that is drawn by the scent of bows and ribbons and wind, caramel.

Come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself!

Dating sweeten the tears of those we love like the ocean,

And clean the front because that's the only hole.

chocolate Kiss Mr. Chocolate and smile like a sunny day ...

Dating and jumping DB meters from all blue and pink

Dating is not interested in being different, or stupid because or love.

Ah, ah, lost in emotion, which always hits us unprepared.

We like to reject handcuffs.

Gig, to be, but full of love and understanding.

Who is not sad Because dating © © happiness, party  fantasy!

Dating; desire, storm. Live in the city, want.

The hair field is running. Devotional poetry, play flowers on the porch,

Agrees to dream and sleeps dreaming.

Name © I speak as a symbol.

Dating ار Darren Karen, be honest, red! ...

And passed happily ...

Only people who already have a history of knowing these things. I love people

Don't select it, selected. Dating Dal Dal A Dilma State,

But these are the two senses. romantic to encourage romantic music,

Will always disappear as I think without thinking ...

Dating hy Poetry, passion, love, Karen.

I love you with a lump in your throat ... I © an I love you

You will fall in love forever ...

O Que é Namorar