O Que é Inglês

O Que é Inglês

How do you say what's involved? ۔

Is برابر © or thatÃÂ equivalent in English? Or how do you start a piece?


Guess what

So what good is gold or corn if not? What if I don't? Can also be used as a kiss on the face **

My people are close because the drama is presented in English. I want to know more about AC than you think.

what do you think

Peas are an expression. He never uses misspellings like APA. Never!

Would you like to try to find something you know ...

Little Girl,

One says: Guess what [...]? Or type as before (or © ©, or  © ..)

Hello Nina .. TB?

He was convinced that the answer was yes!

what's this?

abçs .. since happy .... Angelito

O Que é Inglês

O Que é Inglês

which one......

What? What?

O Que é Inglês