O Que é Escrisofenia

O Que é Escrisofenia

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Where is it, schizophrenia?

Chronic, severe, and dysfunctional schizophrenia is a chronic cellular disease that affects about 1% of people. People with schizophrenia can hear voices and prove that other people are controlling their minds by reading or planning to be prejudiced. These experiences alone can cause pain, sadness or extreme pain. People with schizophrenia may fail because they don't feel, sit, move, or rarely fail, or they may look like complete atheists or really think. When many people with schizophrenia find it difficult to hire or retain an employer, the burden on the family can be significant.

Symptoms of schizophrenia

The symptoms of schizophrenia can be divided into several very different categories:

* Positive symptoms are different thoughts and impressions, such as deception, deception and impaired thinking and movement.

* Negative symptoms that disappear or diminish when you take off, take off, express emotions, or find happiness in everyday life. As part of schizophrenia, these symptoms are difficult to cure and can be understood through anxiety or depression.

* Knowledgeable signs that include yes, or problems such as: attention or some kind of memory and not what we plan and release. Therefore, it can be difficult to recognize cognitive impairment, even if it is part of schizophrenia, but it is not possible to lead a normal life.

Causes of Schizophrenia

Like many other mental illnesses, schizophrenia is characterized by genetic and mental harmony. All forms of modern science are used to find the cause of schizophrenia.


Because the cause of schizophrenia is not yet known, this treatment focuses on relieving the two symptoms of the disease. Treatment includes antipsychotic medication and psychiatric care. Treatments are available to reduce many of the two symptoms, so most people with schizophrenia experience side effects later in life. Even so, many people with schizophrenia manage to live constructive lives in their communities. But research is developing effective drugs and understanding the causes of schizophrenia to find ways to prevent and treat it.

Cerebral palsy


Regardless of the root cause, it is inconclusive, as strong evidence suggests that schizophrenia is a serious disorder. Dr. Nancy Andreessen said: As Attis has relatively proven, the cause of schizophrenia is just a mosaic: one side is clear, the other is clear - the multifaceted use of schizophrenia. These include chemical changes, genetic ores and mutations in the same grain. Viral origin and trauma have not been ruled out. Schizophrenia is a group of possible related diseases, some of which are caused by one or the other.

In this case, severe schizophrenia occurred and is not just a disease or a new one. First, it is due to the presence of appearances in at least two ways known over decades, such as the paranoid, frank, and cationic subtypes. Saido, along with other medical fields from Ogi, such as cancer. Or look at or read about a disease that can affect different organs. Good things, revealing the truth of various diseases or similar. A different cause for each type of cancer, a specific treatment with different chances of recovery. Only, concierge, various diseases. Well, schizophrenia can be the same or the same or simple or treat it like a disease as it is meant to be understood. We know very little about this disease. Or, at most, we can give it as an antipsychotic to control two symptoms. Nor does it refer to you that there are two main aspects to research, faith concludes with respect. Verified

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Schizophrenia can develop insidiously, you will gradually notice as a patient or someone close to you that something is wrong: yes, if a very deviant attitude manifests itself. Or the period enters normal activity and triggers it which can last for months.

On the other hand, there are patients who develop schizophrenia faster in weeks or days. Stupid people work in the schizophrenic world, or it bothers you and your parents in general.

There is no set rule for start mode: the two can come suddenly and a tumultuous crisis erupts, then slowly the abnormal emerges and the characters of a few years emerge.

Schizophrenia usually starts in adolescence or when you are still young. Symptoms gradually appear over several months and we may not notice them in family and friends who are in frequent contact. The person with long-distance contact had more general schizophrenia that developed over months. Usually, the first symptoms are difficult to focus on, interfere with our learning, or are the result of stress of unknown origin. The same thing applies to the person and the human being, at a certain moment, at the same time before that, schizophrenia occurs and fails when people say something is wrong. If one day your country thinks it is about drugs, you can let your friends know that if you are worried, send judgments or doubts, other people exist before age. ۔ Psychotherapy is indicated for personal vomiting and is often performed by the patient without any fuss. Consistency makes concentration difficult or disrupts one or two courses and causes loss of work. People who don't know what's going on basically come and use it as a stylist, or a patient who doesn't listen prematurely, or is a pando, premature illness and family-imposed Is a victim of past injustices. A phase of the community with a change in appearance or displacement or non-visual connection or way of living, such as lead or tattoo, piercing, haircut, personal hygiene clothing. Since the advent of two hippies and two pinks, these weird ways of representing them when you try to eat them are no longer so strange. Or that he is contributing too much to the false claim that he is rebellious or socially deviant.

Often, some or the other obvious threshold enters into the early stages of abnormal behavior and schizophrenia. A family may consider two borders, or like me, but the defense of two countries often convinces you that this is true, either what happened میں ور in guilt or in the choice of file, © a mental Are you serious about the disease or more?

The initial phase can take months while the family waits to recover. When or when the symptoms became known or the patient had a strange conversation which was not real due to various experiences and was not the user or was still lifting weights near the judge but the patient was using the judge still the patient Under treatment, it is possible that the patient may have psychological symptoms for a while before being taken to the doctor.

When this or something serious happens, it's nothing more than denying that something very wrong is going on, is it because of Addis's tough body, is it because of a suicide attempt, is it because of this His signs are clearly visible on Jesus Christ because of him or because he accepted my declaration to speak to the ■■■■. This leads to the diagnosis of an apparent psychosis, or inevitable psychosis. At this point let you feel that the story of Anger and Palm is to blame, claiming that he was angry before it happened, or that his son was right. Unfortunately, or early treatment, schizophrenia does not prevent an incurable disease. As a doctor, he controls most of the symptoms: a normal child or a patient. If this happens then it is a gross negligence, given the disease and no other reason.


The No Haum test, which accurately diagnoses schizophrenia, relies on general diagnostic controversies, especially the physician's knowledge and experience. Or I diagnose the joints based on the symptoms that appear in the patient's history, because these symptoms are ready to become deaf. To maintain the basic wave, to be a starting point for the doctor, but also how the doctor treats the symptoms. A physician may argue that a person with a mental illness is not already included in the medical make-up on the May 2 table, which is considered important. Diagnostic conflicts can arise with indefinite or unusual images.


There is really no doubt about schizophrenia, the disease, because it affects emotions or thoughts, such as perception and / or behavior. More or less about a pregnant woman that I am neither allowing nor threatening this person to live, make her hair more inconsistent or restore normalcy? After that the severity is not diagnosed: it is more during the disease.

He made a clear distinction between what Crepplene did between his belief that schizophrenia (dementia praxis) and / or polar disorder (cyclic psychosis) had the potential to cure two cyclists, while schizophrenia was curable. Is clever for Perhaps because of Krauss's tendency to view schizophrenia as irreparable. It has been stored for at least many years, recovered, but exceeded, and if everyone hesitates, peas will lose their limits if they work safely. The root cause, lack of security or the course of schizophrenia must be justified:

Lack of uniform standards in determining 1.

2 Difficulty following a large group of patients for many years.

Faz has a 10-year-old son, published by Izaçàààor World Health Cup, is an objective and clear criterion for diagnosing schizophrenia. In previous versions, or ICD 9, critics were loose, allowing various reservations, they said our parameters used between studies were insufficient to eliminate indefinitely or, depending on the difference in results between them. Considered course to respect schizophrenia. Some psychology is only temporary and specific to a person's life. Because of the deception, it is considered schizophrenic and contradicts a critical study that requires at least months of psychotherapy. Even if it lasts for years, psychology cannot be considered as a schizophrenic personality. Due to the lack of rigor in making two diagnoses, we were unable to confirm our study prior to ICD 10 or DSMIII (for our US-based studies) because we concluded that our current behavior Were unable to determine. . ICD 10, despite being a proven but reliable technique, was developed to accurately diagnose schizophrenia or the problem, but has not been resolved. Only with time and with time, but the questions that we will know whether they are critical, always adopted, consistent with reality. In unnatural cases, it was found that inadequate testing, as performed, was also discredited as an ICD 10 standard. As a detailed examination, I know that we have diagnosed a disease with many curiosities. True many diseases, because everyone is qualified with their own private lessons. Through these difficulties, we will understand why, if you have pills or allergic techniques, such as tomographic images with pyocetron emission, study schizophrenia.

Of the many published studies on schizophrenia over the past decade, we chose one to analyze the results and

O Que é Escrisofenia

O Que é Escrisofenia

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This is to relieve schizophrenia mental illness, incurable, more than just controlling the temperature. A person with schizophrenia feels that they are being guided, and so on. Severe mental illness, alienation is the same.

Schizophrenia; a split (cut). It's a fact, because once you find it difficult, it is very difficult to stop people from experiencing the problems you are going through and the ones you are facing without the emotional framework. Y waved his hand to make his private life go away.

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O Que é Escrisofenia