O Que é Administrar

O Que é Administrar

Or as an administrator? 3

Or admin Escalade, Plan, Iza, Direct and

Control all the necessary resources, starting with financial, human.

Our installed machines and equipment. Must be required or maximized

Results with minimal effort.

O Que é Administrar

O Que é Administrar

Direct management of human, financial and material resources, grouping in units, dynamic goals and location achievements and at the same time, mutual / service and satisfaction of the work done.

Achieve the goals they strive for:

* To satisfy the customer as the company does itself / Servão does by the company,

* Or profits earned through marketing or service providers or as or by borrowing services,

* Compensation for those who perform work or work (employees).

And immediately human, financial and material, came together again and again.

O Que é Administrar

O Que é Administrar

It means to organize, organize, direct, control something or a person so that he can reach specific goals.

Control, Command, Care, Direct, let's make sure you have a bank account, you know this administrator!

Hope you answer Bjim!


Manage the situation or be equal to the situation.

When you post your first restaurant, I confirm that you have designed or run a restaurant.

So the person who controls everything that happens in the restaurant,

Managing and serving the business

O Que é Administrar