O Pouco Com Deus é Muito

O Pouco Com Deus é Muito

Does anyone know if the Bible was written this way or a little more with God? Which or light?

What are the chapters and verses?

You know, friends, the Holy Bible exists and doesn't exist. That is why I love the Word of God and I try to know it as much as possible. Or Psalm 37 verse 16 does not say: This fear is more or less valuable than just being rich from many wicked people.

Provà © ros 15.16 says: How much less fear Melrà © o SENR from this great treasure where there is anxiety

Provà © ros 16: 8 says: Mailer the little one with justice, who reaps abundance with injustice.

See, it is not written like you: the little one with God is a couple, but in the previous idea, I have referred to it.

That's why so many people make cool people with their own hands, thinking it's not  © im or  © im.

As Jeovahs Munhas, for example, the number accepting the doctrine of the Trinity is not explicitly mentioned in any text for this child, whereas in many texts the theory is incorrect. Grace and peace. Read and study the Holy Bible.

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I wrote what I know they don't have. But when Jesus, made for multiplication, or two loaves (John, chapter 6), all stop, give him the magic that he did with Jesus or with a very short time.

Despite the fact that it performs another miracle when Jesus had not yet come there in the Old Testament or without the widow. And that is the oil of multiplication. Like God © or equal, he worked there too! Stay calm, Jesus!

Don't be on the line! And what exactly to know. Or © true and cited by dit. Now, I want to live a little with God ... a kind of good!

It is not in any Bible book, these are the words he wrote.

Good night.

O Pouco Com Deus é Muito