Nyse Arca Tech 100 Index®

Nyse Arca Tech 100 Index®,

What is Nyse Arca Tech 100 Index®?

  • Nyse Arca Tech 100 Index® means: An irregularly priced weight index containing at least 100 individual technology-related stocks. The index consists of shares of companies in various sectors that develop and use advanced technology. Archi Pelagosp> ®, ARCAsup> ®, ARCAEXCA, NYSE®, NYSE ARCASMSM and NYSE Arca Tech 100SM are registered trademarks of NYSE Group, Inc. and Archie Pelago Holdings, Inc. and are used under the National Wide Fund. This fund is not sponsored, endorsed, sold or endorsed by Archipelago Holdings Inc. (STUV). The ARCA makes no representations or guarantees about the ability of the New York ERCTech 100 Index to track the overall performance of the stock market in general, especially funds, or appropriate to invest in securities.

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