Nutcracker Enticing Gift Baskets

The nutcracker sweets corporation is providing a chance to celebrate events more happily and enthusiastically for 35 years or more. The brain behind nutcracker Sweets Corporation is no doubt is a customer well-wisher. This corporation is always giving you a chance to celebrate the event by their incredible and trendy baskets.

Nutcracker introduction

The products of this corporation are an attractive gift to present to your loved ones on special and simple events as well as on birthdays, anniversaries and weddings.

If you want a fancy basket gift or merely classical, this corporation always fulfils the trust of the customer.

Every basket will entrain the customer according to your choice about the product and colour and shape of the basket.

Gold standard

This stunning and classical basket from nutcracker sweets is the natural treatment for the customers. This basket is in black with gold boundary, which enhances the elegance of this little gift. The golden embroidery on black is a peaceful scene for the eyes. This basket is loaded with sweets, cookies, chocolate and many other gourmet items that defiantly will be loved by your receiver

This basket contains, Godiva dark chocolate, Strawberry G cube, Lindt Swiss luxury selection, Box of Chocolates, Lindt mini pralines, Whittakers almond gold bar, Matcha tea-infused dark, Chocolate Toffee Almonds, Cookie it up dark chocolate, Oatmeal cookies, Rosenborg brie cheese, Chocolate wafers, Butter toffee peanuts

Gold Standard Deluxe

This basket is gold and black colour, and this metal basket is the attractive gift to present anyone on any event.

This basket contains an of product same as in gold standard in addition to

Tuscan crackers, Wild blueberry jam, Cranberry, port and pecan compote, Rogers’s sea salt caramels

The Royalton

The Royalton is an all golden beautifully intricated are copper oval basket sweets, chocolate and candies all set to give a royal look to your gift, so enjoy this royalty with the nutcrackers sweets. This royal basket contains

Godiva dark chocolate vanilla, Ganache G cube triangle, Lindt excellence dark chocolate, Orange bar, Lindt swiss luxury selection, Ferrero collection gift box, Rogers’ chocolate classic sampler, Raincoast cranberry and Hazelhurst crackers, Popped Chicago style cheese and caramel popcorn mix, Cookie it up ginger cookies, Cheddar cheese biscuits, Chocolate wafers, Vineyard herb gourmet cracker.

Goodies Galore

This beautiful Nutcracker gift basket with lot goodies is only available in $50, and it’s the best seller due to its low price and useful quality goodies as biscuits, chocolate, sweets and toffees and many more

The Arlington

This sizeable rustic rectangle dark black wooden basket is the most with tasteful gourmet items and sweets is an alluring gift for any event. The goodies can be altering as per customer choice without charging any extra amount. This Nutcracker sweets basket is the worth buying gift.

Champ- Elysees

This little cute brown colour basket is loaded with a lot of stuff as an assortment of Lindt items, chocolates, cookies, and much more. This basket is an impressive gift for friend, family, clients and colleagues


This unique colour basket with oval shape is a popular choice of the customer. This everlasting basket contains Govida dark chocolate, Lindt chocolate, camembert cheese, crisps, pepper, jelly and many more. This beautiful gift only charges $100.

Toulouse Deluxe

A perfect and beautiful basket with items full of flavour is the most attractive customized gift of the nutcracker sweets corporation—this blue basket with a delicate design having crisps, chocolate, biscuits and candies in it.

In good company

Having a great, tasty and quality sweets and chocolate in beautifully designs black and white basket giving an old classical look to your present. This will defiantly surprise your receiver and crate a healthy relation among giver and receiver.

Sweet feast

The silver and copper combination also gives the remembrance of old times. It’s a big treat from nutcracker sweets to have this basket with a lot of goodies in it as sweets indicate happiness, so this basket is perfect for event celebration.