Numerology love number - how does your partner love?

Would you like to know what your love number is? Then you have to concern a little with numerology. Characters and personalities can be interpreted numerologically. That way, you can easily tell whether you are a good match or not. The love number tells you how your partner loves and what family, sexuality and freedom mean to them.

Numerology works with numbers that affect you and your life. When the numbers of both partners meet, energies become visible. These can be expressed in terms of emotions or specific actions. How does the partner love you and which channel does he choose to express this love? Which harmonies are you two recognizable and there are always difficulties or discussions?

To find out the love number, you need to do a little bit of preliminary work. Because your name and that of the partner must be used to calculate the love number. There are tables for this purpose in which you write down the letters of the individual names and see which number belongs to them.

What does the love number tell you about your partner?

Number 1

Faithfulness is not necessarily to be expected from this person. Numerous relationships, some for short periods of time, stem from love number 1. Sex is very important and always wants to find fulfillment. This person is certainly attractive, and many are magically drawn to the charisma. If that doesn’t bother you, you have a wonderful partner who is excellent at keeping family life under control.

Number 2

Family, harmony and domestic life are of the utmost importance for people with the love number 2. You can expect deep love, respect, and mindfulness, as well as plenty of in-depth conversation. If you live with someone you are really fine because you are treated with care. But the person with love number 2 expects the same from you. If you don’t deliver that, or even your loyal side is called into question, things are not looking good for you. Then the struggle for family peace begins.

Number 3

This person is cool about sexuality. You can be interesting to that person if you are interesting yourself. Monotony, everyday life and sadness are not what makes this person happy. And if family happiness does not materialize, a certain degree of frustration can also be seen. So make sure that this person is given variety and don’t push yourself too much.

Number 4

These people are not particularly talkative. But the family and a well-groomed sex life is a basic module for this person. Despite having a healthy sexual appetite, you don’t need to worry that this person is not true to you. Sense of responsibility and loyalty for the family is one of the characteristics of the love number 4 person.

Number 5

It may take a while before you can name this person your partner. Because it cannot be caught that quickly. The focus is on the desire for new things and adventure. Even if you manage to become a long-term partner, the person expects a lot of experimentation from you, including on the sexual level.

Number 6

The people with the number 6 have a big heart - for almost everyone. You maintain a good relationship with family, friends and acquaintances. With this person you should immediately take a look at his bank account. The risk that this is empty should be great. People with the number 6 are poorly able to show their feelings. Therefore, you should express your love all the more.

Number 7

Basically, it can be a challenge to have a relationship with someone with the love number 7. It seems as if the partner is completely the opposite of you. But once you have chosen this person, you can be sure of their loyalty. A sense of duty, helpfulness and diligence are the characteristics of people with the number 7.

Number 8

Profession, career and ambition is the main theme of the person with the love number 8. At a young age you will not be able to push this person into marriage. Work or hobbies are more important to him than love and starting a family. Only at a later age can this person be moved to such topics. They are loyal, but work or hobby will always be a priority.

Number 9

Anyone who dares to approach a person with the love number 9 must love them honestly and deeply. Romantic traits are very important. If you can’t appreciate that, the person will be gone quickly. Give the person with number 9 the attention that it needs and show a love openly and honestly. This is the best way if the partnership is to be maintained.

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