Numero De Deus

Numero De Deus

Or, um, there is a phone on which we can call God and He answers, what is this number? 3

Friends, no blessing, no verse. Where do we find nm? What, let's use, direct link with pie? So, stay tuned, whoever holds it or not, and where it is, wins or 10 points.

I wish you all a week of peace and tranquility, right?


For all those who respond, give kisses, who says © Herzia ... will do, and you Susiam, will fulfill the agenda, but not yet or not.

I lived, where was it?

You rebel? I don't answer first, to get 2 points, how dare you say that person, happy, more than family, and strong, psychologist for God is more accurate? If you don't know, said General, I don't mean God's people, make a decision and seek God.

Unfortunately stoik p / there, © © leagueçà direct o direct! The cast doesn't accept, but your mummy, gives you some pulses and you'll see the result, kisses.

Gladiator, either I blocked it, because you sent me an email, with a bad word. Not negative, not blackie, who was of the opinion, on the contrary, mine, but disrespectful, it is unacceptable, you create, God exists, you do. Not creation, it exists.

Numero De Deus