Null and void

Null and void,

Definition of Null and void:

  1. Invalid, unenforceable, having no legal force or effect. It is a popular but redundant term.

Meaning of Null and void & Null and void Definition

Null And Void,

How To Define Null And Void?

  1. There are false and invalid terms which means that nothing is legal or legal anymore. In the case of insurance, the policy may be that the insurer is no longer able to cover, perhaps due to technical problems or breach of insurance contract.

Literal Meanings of Null And Void


Meanings of Null:
  1. It has no legitimate legal or binding power.

  2. It is associated with or associated with a zero value.

  3. Lack of discrimination without substance or positive content.

  4. Zero

  5. Combine (one signal) with another for zero cancellation.

Sentences of Null
  1. The formation of a new interim government was annulled

  2. Poor exposure reviews, unless varied, are close to zero in terms of epidemics.

  3. Tumors can be easily identified by canceling the elevated bone marrow signal

Synonyms of Null

vapid, null and void, blank, colourless, invalid, vacuous, empty, characterless, expressionless, lacking in character, inane, insipid, void


Meanings of And:
  1. It is used to connect words to a language, sentence or part of a sentence that must be included.

  2. It is used to offer additional comments or penalties.

  3. It is used to indicate intention after some verb and before other verb instead of "to".

  4. Boolean operator that returns I and only if all the operations are one and vice versa with a value of zero.

Sentences of And
  1. If it was an option and it was the worst, he would have left his parents

Synonyms of And

also, and, as well as, added to, including, together with, along with, not to mention, with, in addition to, besides, too, coupled with


Meanings of Void:
  1. It is not legally or legally binding.

  2. It's completely empty.

  3. (In Bridge and Whistle) did not accept any particular type of card.

  4. Completely empty rooms.

  5. (In tow and vacation) A suit in which players do not receive cards.

  6. Explain that (something) is illegal or legally binding.

  7. Evacuation or evacuation (water, gas, etc.)

Sentences of Void
  1. The contract has been canceled

  2. Space around the tank

  3. There is a danger that one of the opponents in this chase will be canceled

  4. Black vanity of the room

  5. Hands with only one suit are more likely than empty hands

  6. The Supreme Court annulled the law

Synonyms of Void

null and void, null, space, pit, chasm, render invalid, useless, not binding, invalidate, without contents, vacant, containing nothing, lacuna, rescinded, gap, barren, worthless, blank space, revoked, free