Nube Akatsuki

Nube Akatsuki

What does the red cloud of Akatoki mean?

Akatsuki means red cloud even when Konan fought Kunan. "Red clouds are a sign of bloodshed," Conan said.

Calm down

Akatsuki means sunset

Yes, the colors change at dawn

So what is a red cloud?

Your clothes are on them.

Akatsuki symbol which means Red Dawn as representative.

Akatsuki means Dawn.

Red clouds mean bloodshed

That means bloodshed in the war and things, the attache said when he was talking to the blue-haired girl.

I don't know anything about clouds, I'll tell you

Also known as Red, I think TSUKI Cloud is hahaha XD

Nube Akatsuki

Nube Akatsuki

Akatsuki sword means red cloud


As you said, Akatsuki means red cloud, that's why they have it in addition to clothing.


Nube Akatsuki