Novelas De Cris Morena

Novelas De Cris Morena

What do you think is Chris Morena's best novel? 3

NS !!! For me and the girls, not because I liked it, but because romance was more successful! My sister saw you as a girl, that old woman! And there was something new.

Like he traveled all over the world !!! And it was very successful !!! Sold together and sold to other countries with the same success! Floricienta is not as big as the others, like a corner of light that fills many rivers.

Pirate Soul I liked it, finally when they hit Mo Martinez I found a little flaw in it.

Fast Angels is perfect for the special effects on them and because things are done in great detail in the river and it can be seen in many parts of the world !!!! And they teach you many wishes !!!

Even my love and funny novels like B&B!

Although you may think brunettes have very similar romances, they have a very special magical touch !!!!

Well, I think everything is fine and successful.

Thank you very much!!!


Well I say every novel is more successful than the other, everything is kind, I see I haven't seen this girl since the first season because I was a kid because when I left Little in 1995 I He was 6 years old. And they wouldn't let me see the 2006 novel and how others searched on YouTube. Well, it's not like that: [I said I like almost all of them, so I give you the way I like them and the movies they make are definitely Christ Novels, They were hit and they were almost all angels. All right, Virginia.

1 almost angel

2 flowers

3-way rebellion

4 intersections 4 roads.

5 angle film light

6 girls 2000

7 girls 2001

8 chickens 2006

Almost all Chiquia angels are undoubtedly the best.

Rebelde Way, Floricienta and Fast geles

The best pirate spirit

And almost an angel, there is no denying that she is very successful and at the moment she is a girl and another

Novelas De Cris Morena