Definition of Notwithstanding:

  1. In spite of; however. He went to work, notwithstanding his headache. This term is also frequently used in contracts, such as Here are certain terms and conditions, A. Notwithstanding A, here are certain other conditions B. In this situation, this contract would mean that everything in section A must be obeyed, but even if complied with, B is a unique circumstance which could still occur and if the circumstances arose, the following actions or consequences would be described in section B.

  2. Nevertheless; in spite of this.

  3. In spite of.

  4. Although; in spite of the fact that.

Synonyms of Notwithstanding

After all, Again, Albeit, All the same, Although, At all events, At any rate, But, Despite, Even, Even so, For all that, Howbeit, However, In any case, In any event, In spite, Just the same, Nevertheless, Nonetheless, Rather, Regardless of, Still, Though, When, Yet, In spite of, Despite, Regardless of, For all, Although, In spite of the fact that, Despite the fact that, Even though, Though, For all that, Nevertheless, Nonetheless, Even so, All the same, In spite of that, In spite of this, Despite that, Despite this, After everything, However, Still, Yet, Be that as it may, Having said that, That said, For all that, Just the same, Anyway, In any event, At any rate, At all events, When all is said and done

How to use Notwithstanding in a sentence?

  1. Notwithstanding the lies, lack of loyalty, and complete disrespect, Maggie decided to stay with her husband because she didnt want her children to grow up without their father around them.
  2. She agreed to go out on a date with the older man, notwithstanding her lack of sexual attraction to men with wrinkles and thinning hair, because she believed in his potential to provide for her children.
  3. I didnt like it. Notwithstanding, I remained calm.
  4. Notwithstanding the evidence, the consensus is that the jury will not reach a verdict.
  5. The inexperienced young mans business was losing money at an astronomical rate notwithstanding all of the investments that poured in from his friends and family.

Meaning of Notwithstanding & Notwithstanding Definition