Notes Receivable

Notes Receivable,

Notes Receivable:

  1. Collective term for promissory notes issued with a maturity of less than one year and owed by the company to which the payment is due.

Literal Meanings of Notes Receivable


Meanings of Notes:
  1. Watching or paying attention (something)

  2. Enter (something) in writing.

  3. A quick note of an idea or point of view as a reminder.

  4. Informal short letter or text message.

  5. A bank note

  6. A specific sound produced by a musical instrument or a human voice.

  7. A particular quality or tone that reflects or expresses a mood or attitude.

Sentences of Notes
  1. Seeing your mother's extraordinary happiness

  2. Write the address on a piece of paper

  3. I will make notes in my diary

  4. I left a note telling me where I was going

  5. Ten pound note

  6. Symphony's last note is gone.

  7. There is a hatred in your voice

Synonyms of Notes

sound, be mindful of, jot down, communication, strain, scrawl, streak, item, mark down, suggestion, bear in mind, entry, intonation, inscribe, missive, observe, inflection, take down, account, indication, banknote, inscription, epistle, write down, suspicion, put down, consider


Meanings of Receivable:
  1. acceptable.

  2. The amount owed to the company is considered an asset.

Sentences of Receivable
  1. This part of the agreement states that in order to maintain full trust in the partnership, both partners must meet all obligations and demands on a monthly basis in an honest and fair manner.

  2. Lenders first exclude assets that are not eligible, such as: B loans that have passed more than 90 days.

Synonyms of Receivable

in the red, payable, owed, to be paid, unresolved, outstanding, owing, undischarged, unattended to, unsettled, due, in arrears, receivable, overdue