Notes payable

Notes payable,

Definition of Notes payable:

  1. Written promises to pay stated sums of money at future dates, classified as current (if due within 12 months) or non-current (if due after 12 months) of the balance sheet date.

How to use Notes payable in a sentence?

  1. The notes payable were useful in presenting our current fiscal situation to the new contractors who were analyzing our situation.
  2. Knowing what your notes payable are will tell you how much money your business owes to other people or companies.
  3. The company requested that the notes payable that they had previously agreed on be amended due to changes in circumstances.

Meaning of Notes payable & Notes payable Definition

Notes Payable,

Notes Payable: What is the Meaning of Notes Payable?

  • The term of the loan promissory note is less than one year.

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Meanings of Notes:
  1. A brief outline of the points or ideas that have been written to help with memory.

  2. Informal short letter or text message.

  3. A bank note

  4. A single accent with a specific accent produced by a musical instrument or human voice.

  5. A particular quality or tone that reflects or expresses a mood or attitude.

  6. Pay attention or watch (something)

  7. Record (something) in writing.

Sentences of Notes
  1. I will make notes in my diary

  2. I left him a note telling him where he had gone

  3. Ten pound note

  4. Symphony's last notes are gone.

  5. There was a note of insult in his voice

  6. A sense of extraordinary joy as a mother

  7. Write the address on a piece of paper

Synonyms of Notes

suspicion, put down, mark, inscribe, account, sound, minute, missive, take down, inflection, tone, scrawl, bear in mind, item, notation, indication, pencil, line, banknote, intonation, jot down, letter, take into account, hint, observe, record, vein


Meanings of Payable:
  1. (Money) must be paid.

  2. You can submit.

  3. Inactive corporate debt

Sentences of Payable
  1. The amount owed is interest

  2. Payable Account (excluding Customer Payment and Payable Account)

Synonyms of Payable

due, owing, to be paid, owed