Notebook Asus é Bom

Notebook Asus é Bom

Asus ■■■■ notebook? 3

Do you want to buy Asus be qégood notebook? Help!

Asus makes laptops for Apple,

Apple; brand, not ready.

Asus © Fabrica e Marca, makes other brands and its own models.

Hello Everton!

I don't recommend at least i3 or higher processors and Dell and Sony brands! ...

Tell me!

To find out what property to look for when buying, you must first look at what you will use your notebook for.

You want to use it for activities that require a lot of graphics processing, e.g.

Along with XPS and Alienware, I recommend Lines. Prices are very salty, but so are the creatures.

XPS line: http: //dellnotebookslinhaxpspromocao.suceso ...

Alienware Line: http: //dellnotebookslinhaalienwarepromocao.suc ...

Now if for common tasks like coming to the internet and working with Microsoft Office, you don't buy machines directly from modern devices or not, you will just spend and spend money.

I am a cousin, I request you to provide the configuration or my father and specific notebook model Sony Vaio Intel® Coreà i32350M, VPCEG33EB / B, 4GB, HD 500 Go, 14 ", HDMI, Bluetooth Windows® 7 me Basic I recommend the Virtual Stores port to have more options like physical stores and the price is still cheaper, there are many online stores that I especially like Walmart, but there are others.

■■■■, then help.

Notebook Asus é Bom