Not Wearing Retainer For A Month

Not Wearing Retainer For A Month

What if I don't wear a retainer for a month?

It shouldn't be visible, I haven't exercised my patience 2 years after removing the babe and I wear it only once every two months. When I apply it, my endurance hardens after a while, but my teeth are clearly still straight.

It really depends on the person, some gears move in the crowd and some don't. I can never say that if you don't use it for a month, the damage is irreparable, it can hurt when you apply it again.

If your followers are still missing, you know you can never find them (e.g.

It doesn't matter what your condition is a month from now, your teeth shouldn't change much, you probably won't notice any changes in your teeth.

I haven't used my container for almost three years (I lost it two months after it was removed). The top still snaps (hard), but doesn't come down. But considering that you've been around for so long, I think you should be fine. Your teeth may shake a little, but not quickly. Try to find this hatred!

It depends on the length of your vacation. If it's only for a week or two, everything will be fine. Some orthodontic officers send the device for collection and retrieval can take up to 4 weeks. So I will go there as soon as I come back from vacation to get your impression. Your teeth move when you don't hold them.

It depends on how long you use the retainer, if you use it for a few months your teeth will move a little, if you use it for 3 years it will not move Will do

You will definitely see the difference.

Not Wearing Retainer For A Month