Not To Mention

Not To Mention

What does not mention mean? ۔

I heard my new boyfriend tell his friend why he was with me and he said:

He's really nice, not to mention sweetheart, does that mean he thinks or doesn't think I'm cute? I have no idea.

Meaning very little

For example

He can't work, he cooks very little.

Don't even say anything. Besides what was said. For example, I don't think voters want this G program, skip the cost, or teach Dave Tippett and Trombone, skip the other tricks, or use at least a million worth of other Leave it at that.

That means you are not only good but also lovely. He thinks you are cool and as a bonus you are cute too.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

If he adds a character without speaking, he is saying that he thinks you are cool, no matter how cute you are.

So he thinks you are cool and cute.

It basically means that e.

Basically, this phrase means that he is very nice and cute.

Not being mentioned means that the next thing you mention is no less important than the last, even if you say it last.

Not To Mention

Not To Mention

For a brief reference.

It's just a way of speaking. I want to talk about translating something like oh, but don't bargain or talk about it.

He was probably referring to his pig nose.

Not To Mention