Not Legible

Not Legible

What is invisible?

Adjective. particularly easy to read or decipher, as the handwriting or fingerprint is easy to read.

What do you mean by illegible?

Illegible adjective is often used to describe handwriting as people have their own style and sometimes write quite haphazardly. However, it can also refer to faded or hard-to-read printed words for other reasons.

Do you also know that it is illegal or illegible?

It is possible to say illegible (the letter was illegible). Illegible - too boring or indistinct to be read patiently - is subjective. Illegal - indescribable - is objective.

Likewise, how can we not read?

Adjective. Unreadable Impossible or difficult to read or decipher due to poor writing, faded characters, etc .: This letter is completely illegible.

What is the opposite of fitness?

unqualified. Being unfair means having no right to anything. If you qualify for something, like a competition, enter. Not being qualified is the opposite, it means you don’t have a place to participate or something to participate in.

What is the root of the illegible word?

illegible (adj.)

Who is irresponsible?

The definition of irresponsible is not being able to lead missions or take responsibility. An example of an irresponsible person is someone who keeps forgetting to do their duty. Definition of YourDictionary and application example.

How do you use encryption in a sentence?

Example sentences

What does this mean?

The meaning of OR

Which part of the speech is irrational?

What is an illogical conclusion?

Use reason or reasoning, not intuition, to reach a conclusion.

What does very low mean?

Lack of luster, liveliness, brilliance, majesty, strength, etc .: a soft light, a dull color, a faint tone. weak or weak: weak resistance weak praises a weak similarity. Feeling weak, dizzy, or exhaustion from unconsciousness: fainting.

What do you call it when you can’t read someone while they are typing?

Not Legible