Not-Held Order

Not-Held Order,

What is The Meaning of Not-Held Order?

  • Wrong order, usually market or limit order, gives the broker or dealer the time and price that is the basis for getting the best price.

    • An incorrect order, usually a market or limit order, gives the broker or trader time, time and price at his discretion to obtain the best price.
    • There are two types of published orders: Mark Mark Nehld and Hadd Newhold.
    • Unrelated order

Literal Meanings of Not-Held Order


Meanings of Not:
  1. It is used to make a negative with an auxiliary verb or "sen". It is used in various constructions along with other verbs.

  2. It is used as a short alternative to negative clauses.

  3. It is used to denote another word.

  4. It is used cheerfully to indicate that the reversal of the next word or phrase is correct.

  5. A variable boolean operator, that is, when the variable is zero and vice versa.

  6. (Paper) is not hot pressed and its surface is slightly.

Sentences of Not
  1. He will not say

  2. I may regret it, but I have no hope

  3. Not a single attempt was made

  4. The never-ending future

Synonyms of Not

reluctant, not in the mood, loath, indisposed, slow, not about, disinclined, averse


Meanings of Held:
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Sentences of Held
  1. He had a brown leather suitcase

  2. Police arrested him on murder charges

  3. Failed to hold anchor

  4. There are 24 gallons in the tank

  5. The CEO still owns fifty shares of the company

  6. Concerns can last up to 24 hours

  7. Let your fire burn!

Synonyms of Held

have to one's name, assemble, comprise, shut up, have space for, intern, possess, constrain, cling to, detain, put to one side, have, imprison, confine, convene, clasp, impound, control, put aside, put in jail, contain


Meanings of Order:
  1. Arranging or arranging people or things in relation to each other according to a particular order, pattern or method.

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  5. The quality, nature or importance of something.

  6. Primary technological categories below the class and above the family.

  7. One of the five classic architectural styles based on the proportions of columns, decorative surfaces, etc. (Dork, Ionian, Corinthian, Tuscan and Mixture).

  8. Equipment or uniforms for a particular use or type.

Sentences of Order
  1. I sorted the letters alphabetically

  2. I will not control a simple admin

  3. If only the peasants had risen up against the ruler

  4. French order

  5. With such musical abilities, Van Carjan will become a phenomenon at any age

  6. Determine for yourself the differences between the orders of Corinth, Ionic and Dork.

  7. Drilling layout

  8. The transition to second order identification data is very complicated in solving equations.

Synonyms of Order

disposition, send off for, direction, adjure, succession, require, ilk, instruction, system, organization, dictate, put in an order for, grading, set in order, direct, arrangement, sort, write off for, charge, marshal