Not For Profit

Not For Profit,

What is The Meaning of Not For Profit?

  • Not For Profit definition is: A non-profit organization is a type of organization that does not make a profit for its owners. All funds raised or donated to nonprofits are used to advance and maintain the organization's goals. Non-profit organizations are usually tax-exempt charities or other types of service organizations that do not have to pay most of their taxes. In a non-profit organization, there is no revenue sharing between group members, directors or executives. Here, too, non-profit corporations are known as corporations. Some well-known non-profit organizations are the American Red Cross, United Way, and the Salvation Army.

    • Many nonprofits have a lot in common with nonprofits and use similar business strategies and management techniques to run their businesses.
    • Every non-profit organization must abide by the governing body that organizes the charity in which it is headquartered.

  • You can define Not For Profit as, A type of registered organization in which there is no shareholder or trustee who participates in the profit or loss and who is usually present for charitable, humanitarian or educational purposes.

Literal Meanings of Not For Profit


Meanings of Not:
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Meanings of Profit:
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Sentences of Profit
  1. Benefits before taxes

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Synonyms of Profit

interest, financial gain, return, returns, excess, payback, make a profit, make money, surplus, dividend, make a killing, gain, yield