Not Enough Bandwidth

Not Enough Bandwidth,

How To Define Not Enough Bandwidth?

  • You can define Not Enough Bandwidth as, The term used when there are not enough people and / or time to work.

Literal Meanings of Not Enough Bandwidth


Meanings of Not:
  1. It is used to match the auxiliary or "to" verb. It is used in some constructions with other verbs.

  2. It is used as a short alternative to the negative clause.

  3. It is used to denote another word.

  4. It is best used to indicate the truth of a word or phrase as opposed to what comes after it.

  5. When the variable is zero and vice versa, the only variable boolean operator is one.

  6. (Paper) is not hot pressed and has a slight texture.

Sentences of Not
  1. He will not say

  2. I may regret it but I have no hope

  3. No attempt was made

  4. The future is not far off

Synonyms of Not

not about, slow, disinclined, not in the mood, averse, indisposed, reluctant, loath


Meanings of Enough:
  1. As much or as necessary.

  2. As needed (used after an adjective, adjective or verb)

  3. It requires more or less something.

Sentences of Enough
  1. There is a lot of work and few people for it

  2. I was not old enough to choose

  3. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business

Synonyms of Enough

tolerably, a sufficient amount, adequately, amply, reasonably, plenty of, as much as necessary, adequate, a sufficient amount of, ample, satisfactorily, an adequate amount, sufficient, the necessary, fairly, as much … as necessary, sufficiently, passably, abundant, plenty, an adequate amount of


Meanings of Bandwidth:
  1. Frequency range in a specific band, including those used to transmit signals.

  2. It takes energy or mental ability to handle a situation.

Sentences of Bandwidth
  1. As the kinetic energy increases with increasing frequency, the bandwidth of the low frequency band becomes limited.

  2. He lives alone and says he doesn't have the bandwidth to maintain a strong relationship