Definition of Normative:

  1. Instead of simple statements or statements of diagnostic and non-interpretive facts, meet with clear standards, principles or recommendations. For example, data is collected not only to collect (what is it?), But to understand the underlying trend (what happened?).

  2. A routine or routine, especially established by behavior, related to or beginning with.

Synonyms of Normative

Seemly, Normal, Standard, Everyday, Regular, Universal, Commonplace, Habitual, Household, Proper, Fitting, Prescriptive, According to Hoyle, Common, Predominating, Prevailing, Ordinary, Suitable, Fit, Decorous, Rightful, Vernacular, Nice, Popular, Condign, Decent, Good, Correct, Kosher, Righteous, Appropriate, Accustomed, Customary, Due, Usual, Stock, Regulation, Right and proper, Familiar, Conventional, Right, Average, Current, Wonted

How to use Normative in a sentence?

  1. Negative penalties for imposing regulatory behavior.
  2. There is a rule in the armed forces, the chain of command shapes the soldiers. Integration seems easy.
  3. He thinks he has to solve this problem in a determined way because trying to do something different can be a bad idea.
  4. When starting a business, you need to decide whether it should follow a traditional culture or whether it is better to think outside the box.

Meaning of Normative & Normative Definition