Normas Morales Ejemplos

Normas Morales Ejemplos

10 standard samples per month? 3

Please, this is for homework and tomorrow.

1) Nesting: If you work and are in a backward state or private.

You have to show your nest to face the noise (don't steal)

2) Sincerity You have to die with something of your own.

And you have to tell the truth, even if it kills you.

3) Respect: It is important that they respect so that they respect you.

4) Education: Shop wherever you are.

5) Amalidad: Loss of love.

6) Patience was the virtue he had.

7) Politeness: Men and women need to know how to take their place,

8) Impartiality: Be fair with equality.

9) Humility: Do not boast of your good deeds.

10) Everything related to greed.

All this is the fruit of love.

Normas Morales Ejemplos