Definition of Norm:

  1. Informal guidelines on what is considered normal social behavior (right or wrong) in a particular group or social unit. Routines are the basis of collective expectations that community members hold of each other and play a key role in social control and discipline, putting pressure on individuals to act. In short, how we work here.

  2. Something ordinary, normal or trivial.

  3. Formal rules and regulations established by legal, religious or social authorities that assess a person's conduct (good or bad).

  4. The product of a complex number and its components is equal to the square of its original and imaginary components or the positive square root of that number.

Synonyms of Norm

Social ethics, Principium, Middle-of-the-road, Readout, Standard, Typical, Model, Middle state, Intellectual climate, Canon, Prescription, General principle, Average, Principle, Rubric, Degree, Middle, Behavioral norm, Code of ethics, Law, Convention, Moral, Ideology, Prescribed form, Middle position, Mitzvah, Scale, Code of morals, Moral principles, Order of nature, Formality, Norms, Spiritual climate, Ethical system, Value, Standing order, Settled principle, Middle course, Mean, Climate, Ethic, Unexceptional, New morality, Test, Medium, Set form, Gauge, Guideline, Formulary, Median, Tenet, Medical ethics, Check, Working rule, Decalogue, Law of nature, Golden mean, Imperative, Reading, Guiding principle, Happy medium, Principles, Mores, Code, Dictum, Par for the course, World view, Ethos, Barometer, Maxim, Expected, The rule, Ten Commandments, Form, Touchstone, Working principle, Normal, To be expected, Criterion, Parameter, Value system, Center, Formula, Standard, Measure, Middle ground, Predictable, Regulation, Universal law, Normal, Legal ethics, Climate of opinion, Norma, Morals, Generality, Juste-milieu, Usual, Average, Moral code, Weltanschauung, Type, Run, Midpoint, Golden rule, Normative system, Standards, Yardstick, Business ethics, Only to be expected, Commandment, Quantity, Via media, Usual, Graduated scale, Par, Ethics, Zeitgeist, Rule, Pattern, Middle point, Professional ethics, Moral climate, Axiology, Balance, Procrustean law, Ordinance, Benchmark, Mediocrity, What one would expect

How to use Norm in a sentence?

  1. This system has been standard in Germany for decades.
  2. If one deviates from the norm, he will draw attention to himself because his deeds are very different from other people.
  3. During the first few weeks of his new job, Barbers' manager criticized him harshly, and he realized that his childish screams were not an exception in this office, but a minor one.
  4. Sometimes things get out of hand in the business world and those who can take advantage of it.

Meaning of Norm & Norm Definition