Noon clause

Noon clause,

Definition of Noon clause:

  1. A clause stating that coverage begins at noon. This clause is not often found anymore, and most policies are effective as of 12:01 a.m.

Meaning of Noon clause & Noon clause Definition

Noon Clause,

What is The Meaning of Noon Clause?

  • Meaning of Noon Clause: The insurance policy stipulates that the start time of coverage is noon on the date of commencement of insurance. The noon time clause has been changed to a guideline, with the time shown as 12:20 p.m.

Literal Meanings of Noon Clause


Meanings of Noon:
  1. Twelve o'clock in the morning

Sentences of Noon
  1. The service will begin at 12 noon

Synonyms of Noon

midday, twelve noon, twelve midday, twelve o'clock, high noon, noontime, noontide, noonday, twelve hundred, twelve hundred hours, one-two-double-O


Meanings of Clause:
  1. The unit of grammatical organization is at the very bottom of the continuous sentence and in the traditional grammar, which must have an article and a prediction.

  2. Articles, terms or reservations are specific and different in agreement, law or agreement.

Sentences of Clause
  1. In the above sentence, the two clauses have been merged without joining.

  2. Contracts usually choose the terms of the law that define the applicable law.

Synonyms of Clause

expression, group of words, word group, construction, clause, locution, wording, term, turn of phrase, idiom, idiomatic expression, set phrase, phrasal idiom, phrasal verb, section, paragraph, article, subsection, note, item, point, passage, part, heading