Definition of Nonstop:

  1. A nonstop flight or train.

  2. Without stopping or pausing.

  3. Journey with no stops between origin and destination.

  4. Continuing without stopping or pausing.

Synonyms of Nonstop

Ageless, Articulated, Catenated, Ceaseless, Coeternal, Concatenated, Connected, Constant, Continual, Continued, Continuing, Continuous, Cyclical, Dateless, Direct, Endless, Eternal, Eterne, Ever-being, Ever-durable, Ever-during, Everlasting, Everliving, Featureless, Gapless, Immediate, Immemorial, Incessant, Indestructible, Infinite, Interminable, Joined, Jointless, Linked, Monotonous, Never-ceasing, Never-ending, Nonterminating, Nonterminous, Olamic, Perdurable, Perennial, Periodic, Permanent, Perpetual, Recurrent, Repetitive, Round-the-clock, Running, Seamless, Sempiternal, Serried, Smooth, Stable, Steady, Straight, Timeless, Twenty-four-hour, Unbroken, Unceasing, Undifferentiated, Unending, Uniform, Unintermitted, Unintermittent, Unintermitting, Uninterrupted, Unrelieved, Unremitting, Unstopped, Without end, Continuous, Unbroken, Uninterrupted, Never-ending, Without end, Non-stop, Continuously, All the time, Incessantly, Unceasingly, Ceaselessly, Constantly, Continually, Perpetually, Unfalteringly, Permanently, Uninterruptedly, Without interruption, Round the clock, Steadily, Unremittingly, Relentlessly, Persistently, Without ceasing

How to use Nonstop in a sentence?

  1. Stephen had been working nonstop.
  2. We had two days of almost nonstop rain.

Meaning of Nonstop & Nonstop Definition