Nonresident Alien

Nonresident Alien,

Nonresident Alien Definition:

  • A non-resident stranger is a non-citizen who has failed a Green Card test or the required frequency test according to the Inland Revenue Service (IRS). Non-resident foreigners must pay tax on income earned in the United States. Common examples of non-resident foreigners include teachers, medical seekers and students.

    • Non-resident foreigners are non-citizens of the United States who have passed a wide range of tests or are exempt from the green card.
    • Foreigners are classified for residential or non-residential or tax reasons.
    • If a person stays in the United States for 31 days or more and stays in the country for more than 183 days in three years, he or she may be considered a foreign resident.
    • Foreign residents are only required to pay taxes if they are actually involved in trade or business in the United States.

  • Any citizen who is not a citizen of the United States. This person's income can be taxed if he or she is involved in a trade or business in the United States.

  • A non-resident who is not a citizen or a citizen of a tax-exempt country.

  • Anyone who is not a US citizen or legal permanent resident

Literal Meanings of Nonresident Alien


Meanings of Nonresident:
  1. Don't stay in specific places, especially in the field or at work.

  2. People who do not live in a particular place.

Sentences of Nonresident
  1. The building has a part-time non-resident caretaker

  2. Parking permits are available for Richmond residents and non-residents.


Meanings of Alien:
  1. Owned by a foreign country or nation.

  2. Foreigners, especially those who do not become natural from their country of residence.

Sentences of Alien
  1. In foreign culture, it is a mistake on foreign soil that they do not understand or take things lightly and ultimately pay the price for their ignorance.

  2. Illegal aliens

Synonyms of Alien

non-native, overseas, stranger, immigrant, foreigner, newcomer, remote, foreign, incomer, outsider, external, émigré, visitor, emigrant, foreign national, distant