Nonpracticing Extension

Nonpracticing Extension,

How Do You Define Nonpracticing Extension?

  1. An extended reporting period (ERP) supplement is used in non-life insurance and professional compensation is sometimes issued by insurers when the policyholder retires, dies, or becomes ineligible. This certification is free and is often found in policies written for doctors, lawyers and accountants. To obtain these provisions, the insurer usually needs to be insured by the insurer for at least 5 years.

Literal Meanings of Nonpracticing Extension


Meanings of Nonpracticing:
  1. Growing up as a member of a particular religion, but not according to its principles and practices.

  2. Currently, he does not practice his profession.

Sentences of Nonpracticing
  1. Jews who do not act

  2. An impractical lawyer

Synonyms of Nonpracticing

lacking faith, apostate, non-practising, recidivist, backsliding


Meanings of Extension:
  1. A part that is added to something to make it bigger or its continuity.

  2. The part of the power cord that allows the device to be used remotely from a fixed electrical outlet.

  3. Extra phones on the same line as the original phone.

  4. Move members from joint position to straight position.

  5. University or college education for students who are not studying full-time.

  6. The scope of a term or concept by which an object is pointed or measured as opposed to its internal content.

  7. Property considers space as a local quantity.

Sentences of Extension
  1. Southern Railway Extension

  2. The floods caused a lot of damage and some expansion and improvement was badly needed.

  3. Can be heard in the room extension

  4. Conflicts with the sudden expansion of extreme extremism

  5. Refresher course

  6. According to Beardsley, the second negative element of the definition is necessary to ensure that the scope of the definition corresponds to the definition.

  7. For Descartes, nature is a pure extension of outer space

Synonyms of Extension

augmentation, addition, add-on, supplement, appendix, addendum, appendage, adjunct