Nonparametric Statistics

Nonparametric Statistics,

What is Nonparametric Statistics?

Non-parametric statistics refer to a statistical process that does not assume that the data comes from a sample determined by a small number of parameters. Examples of these models are the general distribution model and the linear regression model. Non-parametric statistics sometimes use trivial data, meaning that they are not based on numbers but on order of rank. For example, a survey reviewing consumer preferences from love to hate would be considered generic.

  • Non-expert data is easy to use, but they do not provide accuracy to other data models.
  • This type of analysis is usually best done by looking at the sequence of things that tend to keep the results the same despite changes in the data.

Literal Meanings of Nonparametric Statistics


Meanings of Nonparametric:
  1. This does not imply any assumptions about the form or parameters of the frequency distribution.

Sentences of Nonparametric
  1. Parametric and non-parametric statistical tests were used.


Meanings of Statistics:
  1. The process or science of collecting and analyzing large amounts of digital data, primarily with the goal of reducing the proportion of representative samples as a whole.

Sentences of Statistics
  1. Atkins' mathematical work included statistics, numerical analysis, and algebra.

Synonyms of Statistics

facts, figures, statistics, details, specifics, features, particulars