Nonmedical Limit

Nonmedical Limit,

Definition of Nonmedical Limit:

  1. Meaning of Nonmedical Limit: Maximum nominal value of policies issued by some companies without candidates passing the medical examination.

Literal Meanings of Nonmedical Limit


Meanings of Limit:
  1. The last point or boundary of an area or movement.

  2. High levels of physical or mental resistance.

  3. Speed ​​limit

  4. (In the game of cards) Betting can be more than agreed upon.

  5. The law allows for maximum blood alcohol concentration for motorists.

  6. A point or value for which a sequence, function, or sequence number can be added as long as it is close to the desired point or value.

  7. out of range.

  8. Not to mention or discuss.

  9. Irritability or irritability that is irreparable.

  10. It reaches a certain point.

  11. No restrictions.

Sentences of Limit
  1. 10 minute limit for speaking

  2. There is no limit to your imagination

  3. When the power exceeds the limits of the backup system, the power management software can adapt the shutdown to the critical systems.

  4. No concept can take us this far: however, aesthetic experiments, which involve a constant effort to go beyond the limits of our point of view, seem unimaginable.

  5. This problem extends the limits of memory from its technical limits to its practical limits.

  6. But they spent their time researching and exceeding their limits to complete the initial stages of production.

  7. The transfer was requested because the power of the warhead missile exceeded the safety limit of the firing range and the shrapnel could be dropped into the surrounding ground.

  8. Now, I hope to assure you that this legal interpretation goes beyond the usual limits of change of meaning.

  9. Fear of being trapped allows him to expand his influence beyond the formal boundaries of his character.

  10. This means that it is played beyond the limits of legal status.

  11. It was as if he had exceeded the limits of what he could do.

  12. However, developing countries generally take out loans that exceed their interest rates.

Synonyms of Limit

the bitter end, greatest extent, peg, cap, cut-off point, end point, restrain, the straw that broke the camel's back, demarcation line, breaking point, place a limit on, frontier, ultimate, curb, border, ceiling, termination, hold, limitation, more than enough, keep within bounds, bounding line, partition line, edge, freeze

Nonmedical Limit,

How Do You Define Nonmedical Limit?

  1. The fee value of the policy issued by a particular company in which the applicants did not pass the medical examination.

Literal Meanings of Nonmedical Limit


Meanings of Nonmedical:
  1. Without medical basis or purpose

Sentences of Nonmedical
  1. Use of non-medical drugs


Meanings of Limit:
  1. A point or plane where nothing can be moved or crossed.

  2. A point or value that a series of verbs, verbs, or sums of money can gradually come close to unless it is close enough.

  3. Set or serve as a limit.

Synonyms of Limit

fetter, circumscribe, restraint, damp (down), arrest, govern, demarcate, put a brake on, rein, brake, control, maximum, regulate, hold in check, restrict, trammel, inhibit, check, curtailment, ration, restriction, delimit, tie down, upper limit, damper, bridle

Nonmedical Limit,

What is Nonmedical Limit?

  • The cost of a policy issued by a particular company without passing the applicant's medical examination.

Literal Meanings of Nonmedical Limit


Meanings of Limit:
  1. The point or plane where nothing spreads or cannot spread and cannot cross.

  2. Restriction on the size or quantity of something that is allowed or possible.

  3. A point or value whose sequence, function, or combination of series can be reached slowly until it is as close as possible.

Sentences of Limit
  1. Failed to show the limits of British power