Nonimputation Provision

Nonimputation Provision,

Nonimputation Provision Definition:

  1. Most directors and officers (D&O) and professional liability insurance have a clause stating that no errors or intentional errors will be accepted in insurance applications (e.g., any Will provide insurance coverage for the person who has not signed the application (without policy fee), such errors or omissions will prevent this individual coverage. In some cases, the independent policy will appear on the insurance application, not on the policy itself.

Literal Meanings of Nonimputation Provision


Meanings of Provision:
  1. The process of posting, or posting, something to use.

  2. Financial or other arrangements for future emergencies or needs.

  3. Separate amount of income in the organization's accounts for unknown debts, especially bad debts or asset breakdown

  4. Quantity or supply or delivery of goods.

  5. Food, drink or luggage especially for travel.

  6. A condition or requirement in a legal document.

  7. Promises of benefits, especially directly from the pope, not from the boss, and initially before being released.

  8. Provision of food, drink or luggage especially for travel.

  9. The amount of reserves in the organization is for known obligations.

Sentences of Provision
  1. These services include providing information on cancer, reflexes, as well as counseling and massage therapy.

  2. He promised to continue discussions with the executive branch of health services to expand the center and provide safe housing in particular.

  3. Direct services include referrals, information exchange, psychological counseling, legal advice and financial aid.

  4. In the last two weeks, there have been reports of protests across the country against the provision of much-needed services and housing.

  5. Alb said he was helping private companies, including his clients, reduce federal bureaucracy to speed up the delivery of services and supplies to the hurricane-hit area.

  6. They found it on the internet and said it seemed to explain a lot of problems with service delivery at the local hospital.

  7. Cheluba said that while support is important in ensuring the delivery of services and controlling and compensating the executive branch, it is important to keep in mind that they cannot be left alone.

  8. The agreement covers the provision of hardware, software, infrastructure and service level contracts for the next three to five years.

  9. A spokesman for the Gresham Council said research was being done on the low-cost taxi security system and regular meetings were held to highlight issues and the provision of taxi services.

  10. The package includes a commitment to affordable and accessible housing for people with disabilities, parking and protection of historic buildings.

Synonyms of Provision

precautionary steps, arm, services, staples, arrangements, allocation, food and drink, equipping, furnishing, solutions, fit up, fare, outfit, plans, purveying, rig out, foodstuff, equip, precautionary measures, iron rations, resources, accoutre, providing, provide, specification, giving, furnish, food