Definition of Noncontributory:

  1. A form of insurance wherein the employer pays the full premium and the employee is not required to contribute at all.

  2. Not playing a part in bringing something about.

  3. (of a pension or pension plan) funded by regular payments by the employer, not the employee.

How to use Noncontributory in a sentence?

  1. Even in a non-contributory scheme, the employers payments are not bounty.

Meaning of Noncontributory & Noncontributory Definition


What is The Meaning of Noncontributory?

Noncontributory definition is: The term applies to a pension plan in which the employer pays for all employee benefits. Generally, 100% of eligible employees must be insured under a non-partnership agreement.

Meanings of Noncontributory

  1. Don't play your part in making a difference.

  2. (From pensions or pension plans) that provide financial support to employers, not employees, on a regular basis.

Sentences of Noncontributory

  1. Even on a non-partnership plan, the employer pays no premium.