Definition of Nonconformity:

  1. Failure or refusal to conform to a prevailing rule or practice.

  2. Nonconformists as a body, especially Protestants in England dissenting from the Anglican Church.

  3. Occurrence of a condition that does not conform to the specifications of the prescribed standards. See also defect.

Synonyms of Nonconformity

Aberration, Abnormality, Agreement to disagree, Alienage, Alienation, Alienism, Ambiguity, Ambivalence, Anomaly, Antagonism, Antinomy, Antipathy, Apostasy, Asymmetry, Backlash, Capriciousness, Changeability, Changeableness, Choppiness, Circuitousness, Civil disobedience, Clashing, Collision, Conceit, Conflict, Confutation, Contradiction, Contraposition, Contrariety, Contrast, Counter-culture, Counteraction, Counterposition, Counterworking, Crackpotism, Crank, Crankiness, Crankism, Crosswiseness, Crotchet, Crotchetiness, Dappleness, Declination, Default, Deflection, Deflexure, Delinquency, Departure, Dereliction, Deviance, Deviancy, Deviation, Deviousness, Diagonality, Difference, Differentiation, Differentness, Digression, Disaccord, Disaccordance, Disagreement, Disapprobation, Disapproval, Disconformity, Discongruity, Discordance, Discrepancy, Discreteness, Disobedience, Disorder, Disparity, Disproportion, Disproportionateness, Disregard, Dissatisfaction, Dissension, Dissent, Dissentience, Dissidence, Dissimilarity, Dissonance, Distinction, Distinctiveness, Distinctness, Divagation, Divarication, Divergence, Divergency, Diversification, Diversity, Dottiness, Dropping out, Eccentricity, Egohood, Equivocality, Erraticism, Erraticness, Excursion, Exteriority, Extraneousness, Extrinsicality, Failure, Far cry, Freakishness, Friction, Frowardness, Heresy, Heterodoxy, Heterogeneity, Human factor, Identity, Idiocrasy, Idiosyncrasy, Inaccordance, Inattention, Incoherence, Incommensurability, Incompatibility, Incongruity, Inconsistency, Inconsonance, Inconstancy, Indirection, Indirectness, Indiscipline, Individualism, Individuality, Indocility, Inequality, Infraction, Infringement, Inharmoniousness, Inharmony, Inobservance, Instability, Insubordination, Integrity, Interference, Intractability, Intrusion, Irreconcilability, Irregularity, Jerkiness, Kick, Kink, Lawbreaking, Lawlessness, Laxity, Maggot, Mannerism, Mercuriality, Minority opinion, Misbelief, Mixture, Motleyness, Mutability, Naughtiness, Neglect, Negligence, Nominalism, Nonadherence, Nonagreement, Nonassent, Nonassimilation, Noncompliance, Nonconcurrence, Nonconformability, Nonconformance, Nonconformism, Nonconsent, Noncooperation, Nonfeasance, Nonfulfillment, Nonobedience, Nonobservance, Nonperformance, Nonstandardization, Nonuniformity, Obliqueness, Obliquity, Oddity, Odds, Omission, Oneness, Opposition, Opposure, Oppugnance, Oppugnancy, Otherness, Oversight, Oxymoron, Paradox, Particularism, Particularity, Passive resistance, Peculiarity, Personal equation, Personal identity, Personality, Personship, Pluralism, Queerness, Quip, Quirk, Quirkiness, Raggedness, Reaction, Recalcitrance, Recoil, Recusance, Recusancy, Rejection, Renitency, Repercussion, Repudiation, Repugnance, Resistance, Revolt, Schism, Secession, Self-contradiction, Self-identity, Selfhood, Selfness, Separateness, Singularity, Skewness, Slight, Soul, Squint, Strangeness, Swimming upstream, Transgression, Transverseness, Trick, Twist, Un-Scripturality, Unauthenticity, Unauthoritativeness, Uncanonicalness, Unconformability, Unconformism, Unconformity, Unconventionality, Uncooperativeness, Underground, Unduteousness, Undutifulness, Unevenness, Uniqueness, Unlikeness, Unnaturalness, Unobservance, Unorthodoxness, Unorthodoxy, Unsoundness, Unsteadiness, Unsubmissiveness, Vagary, Variability, Variance, Variation, Variegation, Variety, Variousness, Versatility, Violation, Wavering, Waywardness, Whim, Whimsicality, Whimsy, Willful disobedience, Withdrawal, Defiance, Disobedience, Rebelliousness, Insubordination, Mutinousness, Subversion, Subversiveness, Resistance, Dissent, Nonconformity

How to use Nonconformity in a sentence?

  1. Through his Keswick ministry, he was keen to bridge something of the gulf between Anglicanism and Nonconformity.
  2. As the author herself states, this book is decidedly not a study in nonconformity or rebellion.
  3. I practiced Nonconformity and showed up to school the next day dressed in an outfit that no one else had the courage to wear.
  4. You need to make sure that if you are doing something with nonconformity that it will not be looked down on by others.
  5. His straight laced, conservative family had always disapproved, but free-spirited son Roger prided himself on his individuality and considered nonconformity to be his way of life.

Meaning of Nonconformity & Nonconformity Definition