Nonconfining Sickness

Nonconfining Sickness,

Nonconfining Sickness: What is the Meaning of Nonconfining Sickness?

  1. An illness that makes the insured illegitimate but not confined to their home or hospital.

Literal Meanings of Nonconfining Sickness


Meanings of Sickness:
  1. Sick condition

  2. A specific type of illness or disease.

  3. Feeling or being affected by nausea or vomiting.

Sentences of Sickness
  1. You have a severe headache with fever, nausea and possibly skin blemishes.

  2. Migraines, headaches, aches, photos are the usual symptoms of seriousness, but not the symptoms of glare.

  3. Forty-one years ago, he promised to love health and illness.

  4. For your doctor, the sounds of your body, heart, breath, and intestines are indications of your health or illness.

  5. Even serious pregnancy illnesses have nothing to do with harm to your baby.

  6. They may show symptoms of the disease, such as headache, dizziness, fainting, weakness, or a feeling of suffocation.

Synonyms of Sickness

complaint, ailment, upset stomach, queasiness, biliousness, disorder, gagging, retching, infection, infirmity, malady, disease, affliction, indisposition, stomach upset