Noncompete Clause

Noncompete Clause,

What is Noncompete Clause?

  1. The definition of Noncompete Clause is: An agreement between you and your employees in which they promise that they will not use what they have learned for you at work for or against competitors. A common non-competitive clause is that an employee agrees to work for a certain period of time, for example, one year after leaving your company, without working for a competitor, soliciting business from existing customers or To compete with you.

Literal Meanings of Noncompete Clause


Meanings of Noncompete:
  1. This means or relates to terms, conditions or agreements in which the parties are not required to participate in the competition.


Meanings of Clause:
  1. In traditional grammar, just below the sentence and a unit of grammatical organization that must contain an article and a prediction.

  2. Articles, terms or reservations are specific and vary in contract, law or agreement.

Sentences of Clause
  1. Of the above sentences, both sentences were added in sequence, without any components.

  2. Contracts usually choose the terms of the law that define the applicable law.

Synonyms of Clause

paragraph, set phrase, section, item, construction, clause, article, part, passage, idiomatic expression, locution, idiom, phrasal verb, group of words, point, phrasal idiom, turn of phrase, expression, note, word group, heading, term, subsection, wording