Noncombustible Construction (ISO)

Noncombustible Construction (ISO),

What Does Noncombustible Construction (ISO) Mean?

  1. The Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO) in its Commercial Lines Manual (CLM) is one of the six construction categories to develop commercial property insurance rates based on fire hazard. CLM refers to non-flammable structures, exterior walls, floors and metal, asbestos, plaster or other non-flammable materials (Building Regulation 3). The building code divides these categories of civil construction into six categories, with 1 being the most fire-resistant and 6 the most highly resistant.

Literal Meanings of Noncombustible Construction (ISO)


Meanings of Noncombustible:
  1. It's not flammable.

Sentences of Noncombustible
  1. In rooms where fire is a potential problem, non-combustible mineral fiber roofs can be used.


Meanings of Construction:
  1. The construction of something, usually a large structure.

Sentences of Construction
  1. This is a skyscraper under construction

Synonyms of Construction

establishment, contriving, setting up, erection, building, putting up, assembly, raising, fashioning, making, fabrication, creation, forming, manufacture


Meanings of ISO:
  1. International Standards Organization.

  2. (In the UK) Original work orders issued to UK and Commonwealth employees (closed in 1993)