Non-uk Specification

Non-uk Specification,

What is Non-uk Specification?

  • This is a car that has been imported into the UK from abroad, but differs from the current UK features. This type of import is usually more expensive to insure because the parts are difficult to find and may have to be imported.

Literal Meanings of Non-uk Specification


Meanings of Non:
  1. Denial or apparent absence

  2. (Verb added) As not stated.

  3. (Added to form an adjective in a verb) Not provocative or demanding.

  4. Explain neutral negative meaning when the proper form that starts with em or un has a special meaning (e.g. inhuman vs. inhuman).

Sentences of Non
  1. No aggression

  2. Not the same


Meanings of Uk:
  1. Great Britain.

  2. Uttarakhand


Meanings of Specification:
  1. A process in which an object is identified or certain requirements are set.

  2. Detailed description of the design and materials used to make something.

Sentences of Specification
  1. Provide full details of the ad position.

  2. One of the binoculars' mirrors was made for misinterpretations.

Synonyms of Specification

spelling out, parameters, enumerating, defining, order, definition, prescribing, designating, instancing, instructions, citing, cataloguing, framing, provisions, stipulations, identification, delineation, stating, detailing, conditions, stipulating, describing, restrictions, requirements, provisos