Definition of Non-Security:

  • Non-Security means, Non-securities are alternative investments that are not exchanged for public exchange, such as stocks and bonds. Assets such as art, rare coins, life insurance, gold and diamonds are not bonds.

    • Non-securities, also called real assets, are investments that are not offered for sale or purchase on a public exchange.
    • However, they can be part of publicly traded investments, such as ETFs.
    • Diamonds and fine art are examples of unsafe investments.

Literal Meanings of Non-Security


Meanings of Non:
  1. Express rejection or absence

  2. Neutrals have negative connotations if they have a specific connotation of the corresponding form beginning with them (e.g., inhuman or dehumanized).


Meanings of Security:
  1. Danger or danger-free state.

  2. Items are held or pledged for the fulfillment of debt obligations and repayments, which are forfeited in the default condition.

  3. A certificate proving the credibility, ownership of bonds, ownership of the exchanged derivative.

  4. Private police forces are guarding buildings, campuses, parks, etc.

Sentences of Security
  1. This system provides maximum protection against toxic emissions

  2. This price is used as a suicide for pricing until the claims are closed.

  3. The new rules also make donations of mutual funds, stocks, bonds and other securities more attractive.

  4. Police, private security guards and volunteers are in large numbers to investigate the untoward incident.

Synonyms of Security

guarantee, prophylactic, investments, precaution, holdings, insurance, shelter, securities, security, protection, equities, guard, cover, surety, safety measure, shares, screen, bonds, indemnity, provision, preventive, pledge, defence, buffer, collateral