Non-Interest-Bearing Current Liability (NIBCL)

Non-Interest-Bearing Current Liability (NIBCL),

What is The Definition of Non-Interest-Bearing Current Liability (NIBCL)?

Interest Free Short Term Liability (NIBCL) is a category of expenses that a person or company must pay, but is not liable for interest during the calendar year. Late payment of fines or liability taxes are examples of NIBCL that appear on a company's balance sheet.

  • Current interest-free liabilities are items on the company's balance sheet that reflect non-interest expense and short-term debt.
  • The company's balance sheet distinguishes between interest-bearing debt obligations and general expenses, such as liability to pay accounts receivable.
  • In both cases, there are responsibilities with maturity of one year or less.

Literal Meanings of Non-Interest-Bearing Current Liability (NIBCL)


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