Definition of Non-discrimination:

  • Tax agreements often include articles of non-discrimination stating that citizens or citizens of another country residing in another country and, under certain circumstances, different or more local than citizens and citizens of the host country. Cannot be taxed. In respect of place of residence).

Literal Meanings of Non-discrimination


Meanings of Non:
  1. Express rejection or absence

  2. It conveys a neutral negative connotation when a particular form beginning with them or with them has a specific meaning (e.g., inhuman or dehumanized).


Meanings of Discrimination:
  1. Unfair or dangerous treatment of different groups of people, especially on the basis of their race, age, sex or disability.

  2. Recognize and understand the difference between one thing and another.

  3. Selection of signals with essential characteristics, such as frequency or amplitude, is used to discriminate against negative signals.

Sentences of Discrimination
  1. Victims of racial discrimination

  2. The difference between good and bad

  3. The advantages of this technique over traditional single photon fluorescence are better distinction using low signal strength and low light energy.

Synonyms of Discrimination

unfairness, differentiation, one-sidedness, bigotry, bias, distinction, intolerance, narrow-mindedness, prejudice, partisanship, telling the difference, favouritism, inequity